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Stock Market Game Mentors

This program completely relies on parent mentors who are willing to work with a group of 8-10 students in specific age group.  These mentors help us with the program so we can keep the mentor to students ratio small. Without these volunteers, these students will not be able to participate.
TGIF is looking for 10 additional committed adult volunteers for this program.   They will assist with Stock Market Game workshops and maintain the Group's mailing lists.  This is an excellent opportunity for volunteers to work with SMG community and to learn about the stock market and investments.  The objective is to help build the SMG community at TGIF and nurture young minds in building life long skills in regards to saving and investments.
Roles/ Responsibilities:
  • Lead a group of SMG participants through a very basic curriculum (at grade 4-6 level complexity) and moderate discussions as groups attempt to complete investment tasks including building a model portfolio
  • Tactfully manage and moderate the group
  • Be a team leader for 4 investment workshops scheduled over one year
  • Be willing to help moderate the chat board for one month in the year
Skills required:
  • No investment expertise required. Bring your enthusiasm, team spirit and a positive attitude.
  • Be able to effectively communicate and work with students
  • Be willing to learn about Stock Market and investing
  • Be willing to stimulate discussion and creative ideas to students.
TGIF will host a workshop to go through the curriculum in detail along with roles and responsibilities.

If you interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below: