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Summer Programs Fair

Dear GATE parents;
My name is Mylinh Ha-Do and I am the chair for the Summer Programs Fair that TGIF is organizing for January 28, 2011. 
The goal of the summer programs fair is to bring in organizations and companies that provide summer activities for your children.  We target organizations that are in : STEM (science, technology, environment, math), arts, music, sports, gifted.  We also target companies with summer opportunities for Teens:  service learning (volunteering), global volunteering, international travel, intership, scholarships. Last year, at our 2010 fair, we had brought in 42 companies (locally and nationally - UC Berkeley summer programs, John Hopkins university, UCI, etc...) to speak with parents and answer their questions on the benefits and costs of their programs.
I have a key volunteer position that needs filling and am contacting you to see if you would like to join our team this year. 
Vice Chair:  This person will work closely with me so that they can take over as chair for 2012.  This job entails some night time meetings with the teams, calling on organizations to invite them to join our fair, and supervising the volunteers on the day of the event on Jan 28, 2011.  If you really want to know about some of the opportunities of summer activities out there, this is your chance to get to know it first hand.  You will become in expert in summer activities availability in no time  

Thank you for your consideration.  with your help, we will strive to make this event a pleasant and informative experience for all.
Mylinh Ha-Do
TGIF, Summer Programs Fair 2011, Chair

e-mail: spf2011  ....at....  giftedinfremont.org