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Program Participation Policies

TGIF volunteers spend significant amount of work in putting together programs for the Gifted Students and their families.  TGIF expects that participant families do their part by - 
  • Canceling by the cancel by date if you can not make it to a program or event that you have registered for
    • this allows TGIF to allocate that spot to someone else, and also have the correct estimate for the site planning
  • Showing up for the programs and events you have signed up for
    • this ensures efficient use of the program capacity
  • Picking up your child at the pre-specified time (if you have left the site during the program)
    • this ensures the TGIF does not have to pay the site custodians overtime, and the TGIF volunteers get to go home at a reasonable time
Unfortunately we continue to have instances when some of these reasonable requests are completely ignored.  In order to deter such instances, TGIF has adopted the following policies effective November 1, 2012.
  • Cancel by Date: Date specified on the program registration page by which the registration must be canceled. Some programs do not offer cancellation.  All programs specify the date(s) and time(s)
  • No Show: Registering for an event or a program but did not cancel by Cancel by Date and/or did not showing up for the program
  • Late Pick-up: Parent goes off the program site, and is not back in pre-specified time to pick up the child.

Program participation policies

No cancellation by Cancel by Date and/or No Show or Late Pick-up of Students

  • First time: $10 fee and one strike.  Member will be notified, and barred from all registrations until payment is received via PayPal.
  • Second time: $15 and two strikes.  Same as #1, and a note will be sent to the family to remind them that if there is a 3rd time, your membership will be canceled for the rest of the year.
  • Third time: Membership is immediately canceled (no more warning) and no refund will be issued.

TGIF is not excited to have these policies in place, but need them to ensure that parents do their part to keep the programs running smoothly and in a cost effective way.