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History Bee Volunteers

Needed: Volunteers for TGIF's new History Bee Program

Do you enjoy history?
Do you like to watch the history Channel?
Did you enjoy history as a school subject?

Please Contact: Mrs Bhanu Vuppala by filling out the form below.

The National History Bee is an academic quiz tournament that promotes history education in a fun and exciting way. The National History Bee is run by David Madden a 19 time Jeopardy 
Champion winner and is as robust a championship as the National Geography and Spelling Bees,  attracting strong participation from elementary school and middle school students.  Serious participants get an outlet to enjoy a topic they love and go on to "exhibit an incredible amount of history knowledge". This knowledge will help them in all their future academic endeavors.

For the first time, TGIF will be offering ‘History Bee Challenge’ workshops to our member students in grades 5–8. The purpose of the workshop is to prepare the students for National History Bee competitions at elementary and Jr.High levels. The bee workshops will be offered through January and will build knowledge and test on a wide 
range of historical topics. Participants will test to continue to higher levels of the bee. More details to follow.

Please note that this will be a pilot program targeting a small group of students who are passionate about history, excited and willing to take on the challenge of preparing for the bee.   We request parents to step up to be History Coaches/helpers. We are looking for 6 committed, reliable, passionate volunteers. We do not require you to be history experts but we do ask that you enjoy History, and enjoy working with gifted children.