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Fun Math Club

Fun Math Club GATE mathematics enrichment programs consist of a series of one-hour
class meetings. Each meeting presents an engaging activity that enriches students’
mathematics experience and teaches and exercises basic math skills. The topics in each
program focus on a particular strands form the Mathematics Content Standards for
California Public Schools. All activities in the program develop skills in the
Mathematical Reasoning strand. As the target student for this class is GATE, some
activities will teach and exercise standards above the 5th grade level.
A typical class starts with a short lecture about the day’s topic followed by time for
students to work on problem worksheets and projects. During the hour of class, there may
be several points at which a dialogue is held to review progress and discuss solutions to
the problems. Students may be given short homework questions to explore outside of the
class. The answers to the homework are discussed at the beginning of the next class.

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