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Financial Education with TGIF

Would you like your GATE child to be exposed to various financial concepts, a learning that will help them in their life? 
This program is designed to introduce the concepts of banking, borrowing, interest rates, credits, setting financial goals etc. It will also introduce the concept of picking/choosing stocks, monitor their performance and create awareness for investments though Stock Market Game (SMG).

Students in grades 5 through 12 are invited to participate. 
The participants will meet twice a month within their own group for a period of 3 months (October to January) as well as attend 3 workshop meetings with TGIF. 
Team meetings and workshops are mandatory. 
All participants must have access to a computer and Internet and bring a laptop/tablet device to the meetings and workshops. 
Instructions would be given through reputed websites like Khan Academy and FDIC. They will also be given topics to research and present in the team meetings/workshops. Periodic workshops will be held for the participants to assess their performance and to exchange and compare various investment styles. Top rankers and teams will be recognized.

Registration link will be sent to the members by e-mail.

Financial Ed Program Template