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TGIF Membership
  • $35/yr membership is for the entire family and is good for one year from July 1 to June 30. There is no pro-rate or refund.
  • Membership is exclusive to GATE identified families in FUSD. Definitions of GATE identified families in FUSD are:
    1. At least one (1) child must be GATE identified
    2. and must be attending a FUSD school at the moment, or in the upcoming school year (this applies only to summer).  Past attendance including moving out of FUSD does not count.
  • Program participation
    • Membership does not guarantee that you will get to participate in all the programs or the program of your choice.
    • Some programs are age or grade specific. Some have limits on the number of registration. Some programs are single session, multi-session, or year long session.
    • All programs are on a first come first served basis.
    • All programs require online pre-registration
    • You may not be able to cancel your participation in some (very few) programs.  In others, you are required to request a cancellation by date specific to that program.
  • Security Code. To ensure that only GATE families apply, we have incorporated a security code into our registration process.
    1. A security code will be sent home to all our GATE families in near future.
  • Payment can be made through:
    1. PayPal  (no need to have a PayPal account. Can use credit card) and registration is instantaneous with receipt and e-mail confirmation.
    2. or money order ($40). Registration will be slow due to mailing time and volunteer's availability to contact you for confirmation
    3. Checks are not accepted due to slow processing time associated with postal mailing and bank's processing time. Your registration could take weeks and we do not have the manpower to process to this lengthy and slow process. We would rather use our volunteer's invaluable time to bring you more programs for your children.
  • Registration form must be completed after payment is made
  • Yahoo Group: Once you are a registered member, request membership in the TGIF Yahoo Group alerts, announcements of upcoming events.  See this FAQ for more information.