The purpose of TGIF @ AAA is to promote the interests of gifted and talented students in Ardenwood Elementary and Forest Park Elementary by encouraging the fullest development of their potential at home and at school and providing encouragement and being a source of information to parents and educators of gifted and talented children in the Fremont, California public schools.

This is a parent run volunteer organization and if you would like to volunteer, please click to contact the TGIF HR Manager. We would also like to thank Ms. Jennifer Casey, Principal of Ardenwood Elementary School, for supporting us in this endeavor. 

Message from Ms. Jennifer Casey, Principal of Ardenwood Elementary School:

We are delighted to be able to offer enrichment opportunities for our gifted and talented students here at Ardenwood School!  We are so grateful to the parents who have stepped up to assist on the Board and to do the research and make decisions about the classes that will be brought to our school.  Thank you to all the parents who attended the GATE meeting and to our TGIF @ AAA Board for your diligence in bringing exciting programs to Ardenwood students!

Upcoming Events

If you do not see any event, please click on "Look for more" link  or simply scroll down the Calendar window.  Click on the event for more details.

Ardenwood TGIF Calendar


  • Priority Registration: All programs run by TGIF Ardenwood are parent organized, so priority is given to
    • Ardenwood Elementary TGIF volunteers and their families
    • Forest Park Elementary TGIF volunteers and their families


If you have questions, please contact