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Yahoo Group FAQ

I do not have a Yahoo e-mail address. Do I need one to join the Yahoo Group?

No. You can join the Yahoo Group with any e-mail address. This will allow you to receive e-mails from TGIF and fellow members. In order to access the Yahoo Group archive, you need a Yahoo account. You can either create it or sign in with an existing Google or Facebook ID. Please refer to Yahoo sign-in instructions at Yahoo.com for more information.

Are there two Groups?  I am part of only one Group.

The TGIF Google Group has been phased out.  New members are added only to the Yahoo Group.  No TGIF announcements are being sent to the Google Group anymore.

I am a TGIF member, but I am not receiving e-mails from the Yahoo Group.  Why?

You need to join the Yahoo Group.  Please send an e-mail to giftedinfremont-subscribe@yahoogroups.com from the e-mail address you provided to TGIF when you registered. Your request will be approved after your membership status is verified. TGIF will not be able to consider requests from any other e-mail address.
If you get an automated response (to your joining request) from Yahoo that you are already a member of the Yahoo Group, please see the next question.

I have joined the Yahoo Group, but do not receive any e-mails from TGIF.  Why?

Some times things go out of sync at Yahoo's end.  If you think you are not receiving messages on the Yahoo Group, please follow the link to Yahoo Customer Care and choose the following menu options (see the screenshot):
Select Groups as the product
Select Sending and receiving messages as the category
Select set preferences for group email delivery as the subcategory

I am a current TGIF member.  I tried to join the Yahoo Group by sending an e-mail to the subscribe address.  However, my request was rejected.  Why?

If you are indeed a current TGIF member, this can happen only if you requested to join TGIF Yahoo Group from an e-mail address that is not in the TGIF member database.  To check which e-mail address(es) you provided to TGIF when you joined TGIF, please refer to the automatic acknowledgment you received when you joined TGIF, or follow the instructions here: http://www.giftedinfremont.org/membership/confirm