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TGIF Account for Members

As you are aware, TGIF will be providing each member family an account on the giftedinfremont.org address.  Here are some frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not addressed below, please feel free to contact the Webmaster.
Why do I need a giftedinfremont.org account?
In the past few years, TGIF has grown to a 750+ member organization.  In order to serve the membership better, it is important that each member family is provided a way to identify itself when requesting membership or program registration.
Each member family having an account is part of the plan to use technology to make membership and event registration more self-serving, and communicate with the members better.
This may be convenient to TGIF, but it is a hassle for me.  What do I get in having a TGIF account?
Once you have an account, you should be able to do many things that took multiple steps.  For example,  you should be able to pay for an event (PayPal) in the same step as completing a form. 
Do I have an option of not using it?
No, unfortunately, TGIF members must use giftedinfremont.org account for TGIF services.
Does it mean one more account to check e-mail at?
Fortunately not.  You may forward your e-mails to your personal account, and/or you can set up the TGIF e-mail on your phone.
What is Wild Apricot and why do I need an account there?
Wild Apricot is a company that TGIF works with to provide the members online membership and event registration management.  You will use your giftedinfremont.org e-mail address for accessing the services at Wild Apricot.
Can I keep my passwords for giftedinfremont.org and wildapricot.com accounts the same?
Yes.  This is a matter of personal choice.
What else can I do with my TGIF account?
We hope to roll out many services, but they are still in planning stage.  Please stay tuned.